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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an age-old traditional Indian medicine, which takes a holistic approach towards health and disease. Like Yoga, Ayurveda also has its roots in the Vedas – the ancient texts of wisdom.

It is a complex system of medicine that has much to offer to reduce a multitude of ailments. It takes into consideration the influence of our surroundings, habits and food on us. Preventive measures and taking responsibility for our own health play a very important role in Ayurveda.

Which disorders could Ayurveda have a positive effect on?

Ayurveda can have a positive effect on many disorders including sleep disorders, fatigue, diarrhoea, constipation, heartburn, food intolerances, abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea, allergies, skin conditions, chronic pain, headache, migraine, metabolic disorders, obesity, depression, anxiety and many more.

How is the consultation organized?

During the 1st appointment, I will take a thorough case history including your general health, lifestyle and food intake. This appointment could take about 1 to 1½ hours. An important part of this appointment is the clarification regarding how we would work together and also how the cost would be structured.

After this 1st appointment, I analyze the information and come up with a set of recommendations, which could cover various aspects, namely, food, lifestyle, physical activities, herbal medicines.

During the 2nd appointment we will discuss these recommendations and the initial treatment steps, and make changes, if necessary and possible. This appointment could take about 1 to 1½ hours.

Traditional ayurvedic treatments are dynamic processes and hence it is necessary to monitor the changes brought about by the treatment and then take the next steps. Hence, the follow-up appointments will be at a gap of about 1-4 weeks depending on the situation and on the stage at which the treatment is. These follow-up appointments could take approximately 30 minutes to one hour.

How long could the complete treatment take?

For some disorders we need patience, and for some we could see a quicker improvement. Whether and how fast it is possible to see improvements depends on a lot of factors – the complexity of the disorder, how long the condition has already existed, whether you are being treated with other medicines at the same time, to name a few. That is why I cannot give a general answer to this question.

How much do the consultations and treatments with me cost?

The fee for the 1st appointment is 100€.
From the 2nd appointment onwards the fee is 60€ per hour.

Please note:
If the recommendations include the use of ayurvedic products, you will incur the costs for these in addition.
The fees for medical treatments and consultations with Heilpraktiker are exempt from VAT.
General information regarding the costs…

What do you need to bring with you for the 1st appointment?

  • Filled out data sheet – Patientenstammdatenblatt (the document is in German)
  • Copies of blood test results
  • Copies of doctors’ reports
  • The patient information leaflets or boxes of the medicines and supplements you take at the moment